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 High quality herbal products - Specialist Herbal Supplies


Specialist Herbal Supplies As an acupuncturist, in 1980, I learned about some excellent herbal supplements and saw the good results my own patients got. Practitioner colleagues started buying these off me for their own patients. Authors Leslie Kenton and Karen Kingston recommended me in best-selling books bringing their readers to us and making Specialist Herbal Supplies (SHS) what it is today. We are a friendly, family business - most of my family have worked here at one point and my daughter Shelley is long-time Operations Manager.

OUR PRODUCT RANGE We hand-make about 100 herbal products which are the core of our range. We also combine some of these to make a dozen "Programmes", aimed at specific organs and systems. If a customer takes several products for the nerves, hormone system or digestion, for example, they are more likely to get results. After all - they are taking additional, healthy herbs!  

The Programmes each last either 30 days or 90 days. They are a win/win - because if a customer buys a Programme, you receive more commission: and the customer is more likely to benefit health-wise.

Other Features: 
- 95% hand-make
- We specialise in "additive-free" and "vegan"
- We offer "Unlimited Free Advice" to all
- Our products come with an unlimited free guarantee - customers can get a refund, or we'll replace with an alternative product 
- We want our customers - your clients and fans - to be happy. That has always been our guide.

  • We hand make about 100 herbal products for almost all areas and organs of the body
    • Colon cleansing and irritable bowel
    • Herbs for menopause
    • Herbs for periods (menstrual cycle)
    • Herbs for liver cleanse and detox
    • Herbs for the immune system, as well as:
    • Aromatherapy oils for massage
  • As I said, we combine some of our single product to make our 12 x unique 30- and 90-day herbal programmes. These are for specific body systems - the colon, digestion, immune system, liver, detox, menopause, menstrual system, nerves, lungs, kidneys, sinuses and circulation.
    • Each Programme consists of several products taken for a total of 3 months – long enough to give the body a decent amount of support and to produce results.

WHY OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE US I don’t just mean to blow our own trumpet here – we’ve done surveys!

Folks like us because we are informal, yet professional. We are friendly, helpful and motivated by a desire to help people keep themselves well. Yes, we’re here to make a living: but our main motivation is having healthy customers.

Half of our sales are to retail customers: the other half, through partners like you. We like to do a good job for you too - it's how we work.

Loyalty Programme - we have a programme which makes buying from us fun - by rewarding customers with points every time they buy; on their birthday; on New Year's Day, and other times. Of course, customers returning during the cookie lifetime increase your commission. This helps us both. 



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 Specialist Herbal Supplies


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