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PHD Supplements The UK’s leading sports nutrition brand, delivering innovative and inspirational sports nutrition products that not only taste great, but deliver serious results.

Product Ranges & Goals: PhD offers 4 key product ranges; Performance, Mass & Strength, Recovery & Body Sculpt. The products are tailored to meet the user’s specific goals; whether they are looking for health & wellbeing, muscle gain, recovery, strength, power or weight loss.

Education is Key: At PhD we understand the importance of education. As a large team of athletes, we understand what you need in order to prosper and we ensure that we provide the complete solution. Our website features strength and conditioning experts and champion athletes, who use every opportunity to educate the sports nutrition consumer.

Sporting Values: We firmly believe that premium sports nutrition is for everyone. We can all benefit from quality sports and supplementation, which is why we work closely with athletes from all sporting backgrounds and sectors, young and old, beginner to experienced.



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 PHD Supplements


Predator Nutrition is Europe's leading distributor of sports supplements, bodybuilding supplements and sports nutrition products, offering a guaranteed next day delivery service on orders received as late as 5.40PM.



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 Predator Nutrition



Proto-col is a British brand that has been producing skincare, cosmetics and nutritional products for over 10 years. We believe in building beauty from the inside out and our product range is focused on three key areas; Collagen capsules and shots; Green Magic, the natural health superfood and Slim-Fizz, a simple natural & efficient weight loss solution.


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Simply Supplements is the UK's second largest online retailer of vitamin and mineral food supplements. Launced 10 years ago, the Simply Supplements range has grown significantly in popularity. We have introduced industry leading products and strive to achieve the best quality ingredients in all the products we sell. 

Our premium quality range of supplements includes over 150 products designed for various needs from joint and bone health, to slimming and general wellbeing. Key products include the Prostamax, Slimmex and Menopol products. In addition, Simply Supplements offers great value and upholds a 'best price guarantee'. 

In addition, we offer FREE delivery on all online orders, and free gifts on all orders over £25.



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 Simply Supplements




Swisse Me is the wild little sibling of Swisse – Australia’s No. 1 vitamin and supplements brand – the health and wellness company with a mission to help people celebrate life every day. From humble origins in Melbourne, Australia, Swisse is now a global brand with a mission to make people all over the world healthier and happier. 

About Swisse Me

Swisse Me aims to energise you throughout the day with delicious and nutritious on-the-go snacks. From the moment you wake up to maintaining energy levels throughout the day, to helping you rest and recover after a big work day or work-out, Swisse Me is here to help. You can get a vibe for the brand by watching our 60 sec video on YouTube Swisse Me has three key ranges of ready-to-drink smoothies.  Start Me (Breakfast Blends) a range perfect for on-the-go mornings, Boost Me (Energy Blends) a range used to fight off the afternoon slump or as a pick-me-up between meetings (some contain added benefits like Collagen/Protein, Replenish Me (Recharge blends) when you feel a little done in. Products are available in bundle packs of 8 (£14.99), or 16 for the Try Me Bundle (£26.99), allowing you to try all of the different flavours and formulations and choose your favourites.



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 Swisse Me

Tonic Health


Tonic Health uses the latest science and literature to create optimal solutions for immune health and support. The team aim to stay at the forefront of the latest clinical research and science in order to ensure our products deliver max strength immune support and maximum effectiveness for when you need it most.

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 Tonic Health




Vitamin Planet is one of the UK's leading online retailers of vitamins, nutritional supplements, health foods and sports nutrition.

Vitamin Planet offers pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements, at permanently low prices, direct to your door. Dedicated to helping people fulfill their health & wellness needs, Vitamin Planet promises to deliver high quality supplements for much less than high street prices, with savings of up to 80%.



 Vitamin Planet

What The Health


What The Health are a UK based company, we have researched the nutrition and health market and sourced a range of products that may aid your diet, health and wellbeing. To ensure we provide our customers with the highest quality, all our products are sourced from accredited manufacturers and made to the highest GMP standards. The vast majority of our products are sourced locally in the UK.



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 What The Health

VolDox Ltd

VolDox Ltd has been established in 2013. Our mission is to devote itself to including excellent worth through the making of imaginative natural medicinal items, for human health around the globe.

Some exemplary services provided by VolDox:

  • Dedicated Educational Material – for Diabetes, Heart Disease, Arthritis and Erectile Disfunction.
  • Unique and easy to understand  benefits of the products
  • Attractive packaging, easily consumable tablets/capsules, with simple instructions
  • Regular social media updates to keep patients informed.

Our main focus is on natural health solutions where all our products have 100% Stabilised Allicin. Allicin is a compound produced when garlic is crushed or chopped. Available in dietary supplement form, it's been found to reduce inflammation and offer antioxidant benefits. VolDox has teamed up with a renowned scientist Dr Peter Josling, who is also known worldwide are the Garlic Guru. Dr Josling has stabilised Allicin out of Garlic to 100%.

Chemical compounds in garlic, including allicin, have been proven to display antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral, antibiotic, antimicrobial, antifungal activity and work to kill pathogens that are responsible for both common and rare infections. Garlic has been used for centuries to combat infectious diseases, and its antibacterial effects were first described in the mid-1800s

We work in 4 areas: Diabetes, Heart, Sexual Enhancement, General Health Improvement with 2 main areas of focus which is Well-being and NCDs


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 VolDox Ltd


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