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Fashion Eyewear, where designer glasses, sunglasses and exclusive eyewear collections are paired with the latest and best lens technology available. The number one priority for our trained opticians, buyers, stylists and handpicked customer service team members is to provide you with an exceptional service that matches the luxury eyewear we sell. We are at your service from the second you land on our website all the way through to the moment you put your new frames on for the first time and continue to enjoy them for years.

Founded in 2008, Fashion Eyewear is known as one of the UK's most trusted online opticians. We pride ourselves on delivering the very best service to our customers. Our friendly customer service team provides you with the best and most accurate optical advice over the telephone and email, while our user-friendly website offers you a hassle-free shopping experience. 



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 Fashion Eyewear

Frames Foundry


Frames Foundry provides high quality products combined with excellent customer service. The team behind Frames Foundry has tremendous experience in the optometry and retail sectors. 

At Frames Foundry, we want to build a brand that people can relate to and a company that is built on the foundation to help improve the eye health of people who cannot afford even basic healthcare in developing countries.  We have made a promise to give a pair of glasses to people in need throughout developing countries for free; for every pair of prescription glass bought through our website.


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 Frames Foundry

 Get prescription glasses online from our expert, family-run team - dedicated to finding your perfect glasses, frames and lenses.


Glasses Frames & Lenses Online started from humble beginnings in our spare room at home in 2008. Initially our family business, based in Lincolnshire, was intended for internet sales only but local customers soon began visiting us to fulfil their prescription eyewear needs which led to the decision to move to business premises and open to the public.

Glasses Frames & Lenses online expansion has enabled us to have our own lab for on-site glazing, extensive global internet sales and through our sister company, the ability to supply lenses and glazing services to independent opticians throughout the UK. As a result, we are the only online provider that supplies quality product along with the largest range of lenses and complex prescription solutions.  

With nearly three decades of experience, we’re proud to bring to market a comprehensive range of glasses, frames and lenses from our very own optical lab, which is one of the largest in the UK.

The lenses we use to create your prescription glasses are just the same as you’d find in your high street opticians, but with more choice and the added bonus of our wealth of expertise. We provide the highest quality designer glasses/frames to our customers across the UK and EU, all with impeccable service and attention to detail.

We can provide glasses and frames for even very high or complex prescriptions, such as between +30.00 and -50.00, including prism and cylinder values of above +/-4. We’ll often be able to provide your new glasses and frames for a more affordable price than other retailers too, thanks to our specialist knowledge of manufacturing complex prescription glasses.



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 Glasses Frames & Lenses Online



Hawkers is an international sunglasses brand that has more than 400 different models each season. Round, square, large, small frames ... A large catalogue to reach any target audience due to its market segmentation options. Hawkers has great collaborators such as Paula Echevarría, Steve Aoki or BALR which give us a clear notoriety in the sector. We will be working with prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses during the next months.

Hawkers is a brand that aims to reach all audiences, although our most frequent target is people between 20 and 40 years old. Luckily, our products are sold throughout all the year, with the highest seasonal peak during the spring and summer and during Blackfriday and Christmas. Our bestsellers are the collections One and Warwick with all their variations of colors and materials in frames and lenses.


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Hoobam - Golf, Fitness, Football and Lifestyle Products



Hoobam is a Lifestyle website, adding new products regularly from existing and new suppliers.

We are passionate about golf, football, fitness and lifestyle products and bring great ideas to our customers to help them enjoy their leisure. Whether it is football training or gym work, walking the course or relaxing at home with a scented candle jar, we've got them covered!

We supply a number of leading brands such as Sun Mountain, WoodWick, ProQuip, Village Candle and SuperStroke



Candles & Fragrances
Winter Sport
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Lentiamo is group of dedicated professionals who are enthusiastic about providing a clear choice for contact lenses and great customer service.

Contact lenses were invented by the Czech professor Otto Wichterle. With bases in the UK and Czech Republic, we’re connected to both the history of contact lenses and their future distribution. And, we also have online shops for Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Denmark, France, Belgium, Sweden, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovak Republic.

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