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Powerstance Perfect your boxing stance to improve your balance, mobility, power, and efficiency. Many people struggle to perfect their stance, even when they have a rough idea of how they should stand. Powerstance ensures you always stand in the correct position whilst training, allowing you to perfect your stance over time. The perfect training tool! Ideal for children and amateurs just starting out in boxing or looking to perfect their stance and for trainers to use on their clients. Simply strap the Powerstance to each of your ankles and it forces you to stand in the correct position whilst you train to help you become a better boxer. The unique and innovative design is revolutionising boxing training, there is nothing else like it on the market.

The Benefits of Powerstance: Correct your stance. - Remain in the correct position at all times whilst you train. - Become a better boxer. - Better balance - Improve your range. - Reach further for a punch. - Put more power behind your punch - Defend yourself effectively - With a solid stance youíll be less likely to be knocked down or thrown off balance. - Better footwork - The perfect training tool - Great for amateurs or kids just starting their boxing training. - Ideal for clubs or trainers when training their students and athletes. - Powerstance will help you become a better boxer!

Powerstance ensures you have a strong boxing stance whilst you train! Your boxing stance and foot placement determine the effectiveness of your offence, defence, and footwork. The proper boxing stance will give you solid power behind your punch but still allows you to defend yourself effectively. It allows you to stand firm on the ground but still gives you the ability to move and duck if needed.

Many people who start boxing do not stand the right way or find it difficult to remain in the right stance whilst they train or fight, which affects the way they box. With Powerstance your feet are forced to remain in the correct position whilst you box, improving your game, giving you the ability to punch further, and making you much less likely to be knocked down.

Your feet should never close when boxing and many people struggle with this. Without the correct stance, itís much easier for you to be knocked down or thrown off balance. Foot placement is the most important aspect of your boxing stance. Where you place your feet determines your advantages and disadvantages in offence, defence, and mobility. When you are in the correct stance, youíre less likely to lose your balance if you have to react quickly, move away from an attack, or extend onto your toes.

When in the right stance, your punches reach further without you having to overextend your lead foot, putting you in a vulnerable position. It also allows you to throw a wider variety of punches more effectively and you can put more power behind your punch.

Powerstance is the perfect training tool. Ideal for anyone of any age, height, weight, or ability. Great for amateur boxers or children just starting to train in boxing so they can learn the correct stance. Also ideal for more seasoned boxers to wear whilst training, who want to work on perfecting their stance to improve their game.

An essential tool for trainers and clubs to help when training their students and athletes, as it will make teaching the correct stance so much easier and quickly improve their technique. Incredibly cost-effective too, as it can be used and reused over and over on a variety of different people. Use when training at home alone, or when in the gym, simply slip your ankles into each strap and continue to train as normal.

 Youíll soon learn how to stand correctly instantly, without the need for a tool.



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Sports Involve is an online platform created to help bring the combat sports community together. We are a one-stop-shop for all things combat sports, whether youíre new to the scene, an experienced fighter, or even have your own club, Sports Involve is the place for you. We cover all kinds of combat sports including boxing, MMA, wrestling, kickboxing, karate, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, judo, and much more.

With an online shop selling Sports Involve merchandise, a club directory listing thousands of combat sports clubs throughout the UK, videos featuring interviews with athletes and clubs as well as online demonstrations for people to follow at home and major event hosting, there is something for everyone in the combat sports community at Sports Involve.

Founded by Steven Matthews, a former professional boxer and England international boxer, who competed professionally for 15 years. Steven is now a coach and due to his years of experience has extensive, expert knowledge in the combat sports world. He has created Sports Involve as a way to give combat sports clubs and athletes more recognition and better opportunities.



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 Sports Involve


The Boxing Gloves is the professional's choice, and one of UK and Europe's largest Boxing, Muay Thai and Kickboxing store.

We specialise in professional boxing gloves, hand wraps, punch bags, boxing pads, and much more, and offer an outstanding shopping experience through our responsive website.

We are a leading UK boxing store, providing guests with an unparalleled shopping experience.

Our selection of Revgear, Fairtex, Sandee, MCD, RDX and other global brands are popular favourites in Boxing, Muay Thai and Kickboxing.

 Our range of Men's, Women's & Kids boxing gloves include some of the best in the world. Designed to perfectly fit your hands to provide complete protection for training, sparring and in competition fights. Take a step ahead and discover the latest boxing gloves and training equipment now!



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