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Just coffee. No confusion.

Welcome to Caffin8. We've simplified buying fresh coffee online. 

We'd love to work with you if you're a coffee lover, or if you think that your site's traffic and followers would like to hear more about Caffin8.


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Craft Coffee Club


Craft Coffee Club offers the opportunity for members to enjoy some of the world's most exquisite coffee (all rated within the top 5% of coffees in the world) through a monthly coffee subscription box. Each box, every month, contains at least two different 250g bags of speciality coffee, carefully selected by the Craft Coffee Club team from around the worls and freshly roasted just before delivery by some of the UK's leading independent roasters. Paired with the monthly coffee is a selection of hand-picked artisan treats from up and coming independent British brands for the perfect coffee indulgence. These boxes are then delivered straight to the doorstep of members or loved ones through one-of-a-kind gift boxes and subscriptions. 

Subscription Options

  • Each monthly box contains an average of £45 worth of products, but costs subscribers only £24.95.
  • Choice of monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly coffee subscriptions
  • Option to have coffee as whole beans or freshly ground. 
  • Subscribers can also add another bag to their subscription at £4.95 per bag. 
  • Freedom to cancel at any time free of charge. 
  • Gift boxes for a one-off treat and gift subscriptions for a 3, 6 or 12-month membership are also available. 

Artisan Treats

  • A selection of artisan treats from a range of UK brands such as Joe & Seph's, Mr Filberts, Mallow & Marsh, and so much more! 

Additional Features

  • An occasional free gift; previous boxes have featured a Craft Coffee Club bamboo straw, Craft Coffee Club travel mug and a surprise Christmas gift.
  • A feel-good mini-magazine containing information about the coffee, how-to-guides, coffee recipes, and more.
  • Free delivery across the UK. 

Ethical Ethos

  • Strong focus on ethically sourced coffee from across the globe to help farmers thrive and support their community.
  • Chosen farmers practice sustainable harvesting to produce the best, environmentally friendly coffee beans.
  • UK roasters purchase the coffee through Fairtrade, or better than Fairtrade. The coffee's profile is then perfected to provide Craft Coffee Club members with a unique experience with every cup of coffee. 
  • Craft Coffee Club also donates a portion of the subscription fee to charities that support worldwide communities and protect our planet, including WaterAid and One Tree Planted.



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 Craft Coffee Club

 Award Winning Coffee Subscription


Dog & Hat is a Multi Roaster Coffee Subscription.

People sign up to our subscription and get shipped 2,3 or 4 bags of coffee per month, and right now we are really popular, we have doubled or venue over the last few months, people are at home drinking coffee.

We have been listed in the Independent as one of the UK's leading subscriptions, this has generated 100's of sales. Our sustainability story is loved by all.

Dog and Hat are an award-winning multi roaster coffee subscription service founded in 2017, and since then we have gone from strength to strength with a high-quality subscription. We are focused on sustainability, and only ship in recyclable packaging with everything printed on recycled paper. Dog and Hat are SCA (Speciality Coffee Association) certified and use methods from the SCA to select our coffee.

Dog & Hat were featured in the top 10 coffee subscriptions as listed by ‘The Independent’

Our subscriptions include options for Filter brewers, Espresso makers, Decaffeinated drinkers or a mix of any of these. We also have a Dark(er) subscription for those who prefer their espresso milky drinks. All subscriptions ship with our ‘Dialled In’ magazine, featuring roaster interviews and coffee recipes.

Current prices are as follows:

  • £17 for 2 bags
  • £24 for 3 bags
  • £31 for 4 bags

We also feature an international subscription featuring 2 roasters from other countries for £24

Dog and Hat has over 46+ roasters on-board and that list is ever growing.  This list includes UK and European roasters, and from time to time we bring coffee over from the US.

Its really is the right time for coffee in the UK - and I do believe we are leading the way! 



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 Dog & Hat
Profile Picture


London Grocery We are a London based Fresh Fine Food Store and have a quite exciting range of products including Tropical & Exotic Fruits, Wagyu Steaks, Ostrich Eggs, Lobsters and Caviars and more. We are a very young brand and want to drive quality traffic to our site.

Freshness and quality is our priority and we're committed to our customers 100%

Free delivery for orders over £40



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 London Grocery

Profile Picture Love Health Hate Waste Ever wondered what happens to your favourite health products when they go beyond their Best Before Date?

They normally get wasted – millions of tons each year, straight into landfill.

The upsetting thing is, the products that have gone beyond their Best Before and not their Use By (important difference), are perfectly safe and effective for many months, even years, beyond their dates.

Even the NHS says:
“Every year in the UK we throw away 7.2m tonnes of food and drink, most of which could have been eaten. So think carefully before throwing away food past its “best before” date”

And the NHS also give a good definition of the difference between ‘Best Before’ and ‘Use By’, to help you understand what can, and what cannot be consumed beyond its date.

As a nation we’re wasting millions of tons of perfectly edible, safe, and effective food, drink and supplements each year.

Until now!

In order to stop health foods and supplements unnecessarily going to waste, we purchase Best Before expired goods from some of the biggest distributors and health brands in the UK (who would otherwise throw these away), and offer them to you for up to 90% LESS than their standard sales price.

Our business helps customers like you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet, on a budget – giving you some of the best health foods and supplements for drastically reduced prices (and in return we’re doing our bit to reduce unnecessary wastage and stop perfectly good products being sent to landfill).

We’re precisely about what our name suggests – Lovers of Health Products, Haters of Unnecessary Waste.




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 Love Health Hate Waste

Presto Coffee


Presto Coffee In 2018, after working closely with food and drink brands for most of his career, James founded Presto. His love for coffee and his passion for the environment fuelled his drive to start a brand centred around this ethos. 

We pride ourselves on our delicious taste and range of popular blends. All our coffee is roasted in small batches to optimise flavour and ensure perfection in each roast.

It's important for us to have nurtured, deep-rooted relationships with every farm. We only work with the best coffee farmers who love what they do. Every coffee bean is hand-selected ourselves to ensure every Presto cup tastes as delicious as the last.

Sustainability is at the heart of our mission at Presto. Our goal is to offer delicious tasting coffee that doesn't cost the earth. We want our customers to be able to savour and enjoy every Presto cup of coffee with a clear conscience. 



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 Presto Coffee

 The Kopi Luwak Company


The Kopi Luwak Coffee company one of the leading sellers of premuim, wild and ethically sourced Kopi Luwak coffee on Amazon across North America and Europe (rank 1st or 2nd in most markets).

We have huge demand on Amazon, and as we grow the website we expect our Amazon sales to be eclipsed by web sales over the next 3-6 months.

Kopi Luwak is widely regarded as the best tasting and most expensive coffee in the world. This is a fantastic opportunity to tap into a market of both upper middle class buyers with $100's to spend on coffee. As well as regular folk who want to try out this world famous coffee with one of our 50g sampler packs for $19.99. It really does appeal to a wide range of customers and our average order value is around $50. Our customers tend to be 30yrs+ equally split between male and female.





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 The Kopi Luwak Coffee company



Twinings For us, tea is more than just a drink. It’s been part of our daily lives and that of generations of tea lovers for over 300 years.

In 1706, Twinings was one of the first companies to introduce tea drinking to the British when Thomas Twining began selling tea from his first premises on the Strand in London.

300 years later, Twinings is now a purveyor of teas worldwide. We still sell tea from Thomas’s shop, and we still work hard to bring new blends to tea lovers. Now, we have nearly 200 varieties and our teas are drunk all over the world.

 Press Release

National Tea Day




About Twinings
Tea Club
THE destinations for anything TEA
 Twinings Teashop


Whittard of Chelsea Our extensive range includes 130 varieties of tea, 19 hot chocolate flavours, coffee ground to our customers specifications and beautiful fine bone china. Perfect for ever.



 Whittard of Chelsea


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