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1Solar Energy


1Solar Energy Solar installation with no calls and no hassle, just a few questions and we will send you a fixed price digital rice within just a few hours.

Just answer a few simple questions about your energy use. 

We design a 3D image of your solar system and send it over to you.

You choose a recommended fixed price system from our simple quotation.

We install the system on a day that suits you.

No pressure, hassle-free service. We take the hassle out of buying solar, we just have a small team of technical wizards in the background designing and quoting affordable systems. We don't have any sales people who will visit your home and drink your tea!

Sit back, relax and watch the benefits roll in!

All of our systems include the amazing Smappee monitoring system. The Smappee app provides a second by second data stream of you solar and usage performance straight to your smart phone, tablet or laptop.



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 1Solar Energy

 A leading provider of infrared heaters and panels.



Infrared Heating Supplies Our Infrared Heaters can be used in many applications from domestic homes, office space, retail shops, hotels, restaurants and public buildings such as schools, colleges, hospitals and surgeries

Generally homes have been built with traditional convection heating systems, usually a central gas boiler and radiators installed in almost every room. But households come in all shapes and sizes and this means that traditional heating provides inconsistent levels of heat in each room and relies on air to distribute heat around the room. As soon as a door is opened all this air is recycled with cold air and the room needs heating up again. This means higher energy usage and therefore higher bills.

Infrared heating also gives a much slicker finish to a room, rather than the bulky radiators. We at IHS provide infrared heating which can heat up the house efficiently and at the same time can add a slick finish to any room. We supply mirror heaters which can be used in hallways, bathrooms and kitchens, while the panel heaters can be added with a personalised picture to add personality to each home.

In an office environment and other large open spaces in which people are moving around frequently, these are prone to droughts which waste energy and money and leave employees feeling the chill. Schools, colleges and hospitals where there may not be a lot of wall space, can also install our units on ceilings giving the perfect warm atmosphere required.

InfraRed Heating Panels Ltd was set up to take advantage of this new ECO tech solution that is more efficient than non infrared heating. In effect it is just like the sun heating you on a warm summers day.

What are its USP's?

  • New technology
  • Slimline design
  • Instant Heat
  • No heat loss through convection
  • No dust or germs circulation
  • Option to put your own images or artwork on a panel - this enables you to turn your heater into a key feature of a room or office. You can even brand for business with their logos or mission statements.
  • Thermostatically Controlled with window open sensor and timer options
  • Smart controller options
  • Plug and Play

This is a new technology that is growing in the same way that LED lighting was 5 to 10 years ago.



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 Infrared Heating Supplies



The Underfloor Heating Store is the UKs leading online supplier of Underfloor Heating Products for domestic use. We sell to to businesses, tradesmen and directly to end users.  The business was set up in 2008 by brothers Steven and Michael Lewis who, after careers in Electrical Contracting saw a gap in the market for a quality online retailer of specialist heating products.  They set up the site themselves in 2008 learning about e-commerce as they went along and since then have developed to being the biggest retailer of heating products in the UK winning countless awards and appearing on mainstream TV shows such as DIY SOS and the Home Show. 

We pride ourselves on offering great prices, great products including our own brand Prowarm, great service and aftersales support.  Most of our sales advisors are trained electricians and have fitted underfloor heating themselves countless times so are well qualified to help you select the right product for your needs. 


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 The Underfloor Heating Store

 VoltaconSolar Solar Panels, 25 year performance warranty



Voltacon Solar has an innovative approach to reducing the carbon footprint of its customers, thanks to its commitment to renewable energy and bridging power conversion.

Committed to the design and installation of an on-grid system, Voltacon Solar has successfully installed over 20MW of grid-tied systems throughout Europe since 2002. These on-grid systems have given customers an impressive return on investment (ROI) in less than 5 years, with substantial financial benefits.

To achieve the best energy yield from the solar installations, Voltacon Solar offers customised design services that take into account the environmental conditions for each individual project and optimise the system components. Our target is to supply complete systems with 96% efficiency or greater.

With 15 years experience in solar and renewable energy applications, Voltacon Solar has the knowledge required to manufacture complete off-grid and hybrid solar systems that can be used for PV (photovoltaic) and energy storage to provide an autonomous power supply for both residential and commercial applications.



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 Voltacon Solar



WarmZilla - Home Heating are a modern heating company, founded by two Gas Safe engineers with over 25 years of experience between them. We make it easier for our customers to purchase a boiler and get it installed quickly at a fair price from reliable engineers. Because we are entirely online and don't employ salespeople, our prices are much cheaper than more traditional heating businesses (and other online businesses).


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 WarmZilla - Home Heating


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