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AV Parts Master


AV Parts Master is the UK's leading supplier of AV solutions including Projectors, Interactive Touch Screens and much more. We have a huge customer/market range covering both B2C and B2B.

We've been around for the past 15 years and have served over 250,000 customers

Product Range We currently have over 28k unique products ranging from Projectors to Webcams. We continue to add new products and ranges on a daily basis with the majority having individual values over £100.



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 AV Parts Master


Easylife is focussed on making life easier; offering a wide range of practical products at great value to our customers. From Home & Garden to Motoring, Health & Lifestyle there are innovative products to help our customers with everyday practical issues.



Home, Garden & Car
Health Mobility
Fashion & Lifestyle
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Network Webcams is a well established, well respected leading IP camera supplier and security specialist serving the UK and Europe.

We offer customers free delivery, free technical support, configuration and installation



IP Cameras
Video Encoders
Recording Software
CCTV Hardware
IT & Networking
Video Streaming
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 Network Webcams



Rapid Online As leading distributors of specialist electronic components, Rapid’s products are in high demand from a huge range of B2B and B2C customers, such as industry buyers, project designers, hobbyists, audio specialists and electronics enthusiasts. Moreover, our prices and delivery rates are some of the best in the business – the speed with which we despatch orders never ceases to delight and amaze our customers.

Our ability to source both new, rare and near-obsolete electrical parts makes Rapid almost unique amongst its competitors. Our product range is an eclectic mix of general circuit components (LEDs, resistors, integrated circuits), cables, connectors, IT equipment, DIY tools and geek-friendly gadgets and hardware. With a reach that extends to general consumers, our most popular lines include products from some of the coolest, biggest names in creative electronics, including Arduino, VEX robotics and Velleman project kits.

As well as electricals, Rapid is also a popular supplier of educational products – specializing in curriculum-linked resources and equipment for Primary and Secondary schools, across the full spectrum of subject ranges, school hardware, site equipment and general resources such as exercise books and stationery. We are proud to be a leading retailer of brands such as Meccano, Berol, Staedtler, BIC, Casio and K’Nex.

As you can see, Rapid’s customer profile is as broad as our product portfolio – from parents buying glitter and glue to design engineers ordering bills of components for their next build, from tradesmen picking up tools to teachers sourcing new lab equipment – so Rapid is guaranteed to generate income for you from many varied sources.



Office & IT
Electronic Components
Electrical & Power
Cables & Connectors
Test & Measurement
Tools & Equipment
Mechanical Fastenings & Fixings
Audio Visual
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 Rapid Online


The Safe Shop Ltd was founded in 1985 and has more than 10 years online sales experience. Our head office is based in the North West of England in Preston, Lancashire.

The Safe Shop website was launched in July 2003 and is now firmly established as the UK's leading security website supplying security and fire safes, vehicle security, lockers and fireproof filing cabinets.

Over the past 7 years we have provided security solutions to over 65,000 customers and now supply in excess of 1500 safes per month to private individuals, schools, large corporate organisations and government bodies. This has allowed us to achieve unrivalled buying power which in turn translates into great savings for our customers.

We stock over 800 safes and offer a price promise guarantee - we will not be beaten on price.



Fireproof Filing Cabinets
Key Cabinets
Secure Storage
Post Boxes
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 The Safe Shop Ltd




Trade Counter Direct (TCD) started out in 2009 selling a few tools on Ebay and we now specialise in power tools and plumbing tools and have the largest range of access panels online. We have 35,000 products including tools for all trades, consumables, access panels, drain equipment, accessories and much more.

Trade Counter Direct (TCD) doesn't just sell power tools, we have a whole host of different types of tools, and many specialist tools from different trades that often are more expensive that our standard tools.



Access Panels

Power Tools

Hand Tools

Plumbing Tools

Drain Tools

Gardening Tools

Decorating Tools

Site Tools & Equipment

Care & Home 


Fixing & Security*

Special Offers

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 Trade Counter Direct




Verisure is providing the No.1 Alarm System in Europe with more than 2.900.000 customers. Our alarms are the most widely installed home security systems in Europe. A strong focus on quality and service means our Home and Business customers are among the most satisfied in the industry.

Some of the features of our Alarm System include: Guard response - Control from mobile - SOS button - Response in less than 45 seconds- No internet connection needed - Lifetime product guarantee, 24/7 Technical Service

Immediately after we receive a Lead an Agent from our Contact Center calls the prospect to book him an appointment with one of our Security Consultants. Our Agents usually call within one to two minutes after we’ve received the Lead and can book an appointment as early as the day after.
A Security Consultant then visits the prospect and gives him a demo of the product. If he wants the alarm can be installed the same day.

We cover almost all of the UK, with the exception of a few regions spread out across Northern Wales, Northern England, Northern Ireland, Northern Scotland, and the Plymouth area. You will find the exact list of the areas we cover in our terms and conditions in the part Lead Validation.



About installing your Alarm

Security measures



 Your identity is at risk from fraud ID Sentry protection now


Wintarsons We are an identity theft protection specialist who offer an online identity protection solution called ID sentry. You can check out our website,uk. We provide a comprehensive service to keep your personal and financial profiles safe and your identity protected at all times. 

We believe demand for the ID Sentry product is going to grow rapidly. With the continued rise in ID fraud and cyber-crime ID Sentry provides an increasingly important service. There is an opportunity to sell high numbers of ID Sentry services.    

We thought we'd just take a moment to explain why we started Wintarson's and what lead us to be interested in Identity Fraud, and more importantly find out what steps we could take to protect our personal information. 

Like most of you, we are considerable consumers and users of online content, making online purchases, using social media, gaming and so on. To use these service providers requires you to give information about yourself; everything from name, address, date of birth to credit/debit card information, email addresses, passwords and more. Once we have given this information, we rarely give it another thought. 

This changed about a year ago when British Airways was involved in a Data Breach [Read BBC Article Here]. We don’t need to go into specifics about this breach, but we had all used British Airways services in the past. Had our information been collected? And if it had, how was it being used? Were we now at risk of having our information used fraudulently? Nobody was able to answer our questions any further than ‘you might be’ at risk. Like with all data breaches, there is an element of the unknown as to what data has actually been taken, and thus no guarantees can be given as to its whereabouts and use. 

We quickly realised that despite any fines leveraged against an affected company, the breached data as now out there online and there was no way to just click a button to delete it. 

This got us thinking about a way to track and monitor our information on the web so that if it was available, we would have a better chance of knowing about it and would be able to do something about it. 

Like all good ideas, the concept was fine, but monitoring the internet for this information is easier said than done. This is when a chance meeting with a company called Collinsons Group happened. We had met them through another business channel and found out that they had a tool for searching the internet including the Dark Web for this type of information. They had developed this tool for businesses that wanted to check their information. We realised quite quickly that this was what we had been looking for; a way to search for information on us and alert us if anything had been found.  

This leads us to where we are today. We are providing a service that allows you to have personal information tracked and, in the event, that anything is found, be alerted to this. Of course, being alerted is one thing, knowing what to do is another. So, in addition, an expert customer service team is also provided to help you.

We provide two products:  

ID Sentry provides a comprehensive service to keep your personal and financial profiles safe and your identity protected. It includes:

  •  Card / Document Registration
  •  Lost / Stolen Document Assistance
  •  Online & Dark Web Monitoring
  •  Alert Notification
  •  Customer Support

Find out more

ID Sentry Plus provides a comprehensive service to keep your personal and financial profiles safe and your identity protected. It adds device protection software to the expert range of features provided with ID Sentry. It includes:

  •  Card / Document Registration
  •  Lost / Stolen Document Assistance
  •  Online & Dark Web Monitoring
  •  Alert Notification
  •  Customer Support
  •  PC Software / Mobile App (Anti-phishing / Anti-Key Logging)


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